Ozone Tries to Oxidize Everything

Ozone sanitation works because ozone oxidizes substances it comes into contact with. The third oxygen atom in ozone is bound to the molecule with a ‘weak’ bond. In other words, ozone is unstable because the third O atom is easily available to combine with any other substance it contacts. When the foreign substance combines with the third oxygen atom, it is ‘oxidized’ and the byproduct is ordinary oxygen (O2).

Ozone tries to oxidize everything it touches. That’s why it does not remain intact very long in laundry water: it is combining with foreign substances immediately. In this process, Greentech Ozone machines are designed to be onsite sanitizer generators to supply a continuous stream of ozone to ensure that all the contaminants are neutralized.

Ozone works on almost every soil type a laundry might encounter:

  • Micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses
  • Fungi, molds and yeasts
  • Chemical stains
  • Human fluids of all kinds
  • Cosmetics, oils and ointments
  • Some metallic compounds