Engaged in the design and engineering of energy efficient and water conserving equipment and processes



Our technology can help transform your company to be more eco friendly.


We help you save ENERGY, WATER and LABOR


Greentech eliminates harmful chemicals from denim washing process


Less water, less energy, and with lower environmental impact chemicals.

Company Profile

GREENTECH CORP, a company duly organized and existing under the GENERAL CORPORATION LAW of California, was formed on December 19, 2008, with current business location at 14735 Garfield Ave., Paramount, CA 90723.

GREENTECH CORP is engaged in the design and engineering of energy efficient and water conserving equipment and process, utilized by the textile industry for manufacturing purposes. The company’s product line includes heat exchanger recovery systems, ozone laundry equipment, and water recycling and waste water treatment technology. Our clients represent the largest industrial textile manufacturing companies in the greater Los Angeles area, including DaeShin USA Inc., Lekos Dye & Finishing, Inc., HITEX Dyeing & Finishing, Inc., Matchmaster, Inc., and Koos Manufacturing. The company also works directly with Southern California Gas, Metropolitan Water District, and other major utilities as a designer and implementer of energy efficiency and water conservation projects for the industrial end user. To date, GREENTECH CORP. has secured over $5,000,000.00 in rebate incentives from the major utility companies for our products and projects.

Our company principle has been grounded on the belief of a need and demand for a more sustainable and “eco-friendly” industrial manufacturing process.

Currently, Greentech added the energy savings “Gas Stepping” Technology, Bio-Therm to commercial burner systems for commercial dryers in coin laundries and RCO (Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer) for larger textile stenter equipment for all dyehouses.

GREENTECH CORP. inspires to promote an environmentally responsible approach to many industries. GREENTECH serves clients who can be achieved using “green” manufacturing technology.